San Bernardino Window Tint prides itself in providing flawless commercial, home, and automotive window tinting services. We will give you full value for your money by installing quality films and adhering to all your window tinting requirements.

We Specialize In The Following Window Tint Services:


With our premium window privacy films, you can raise the performance, comfort, and protection of your business. Save up to 15% off your annual energy bills by preventing the penetration of UV rays that lead to fluctuation of temperature in your premises. An energy-saving window film isn’t only an environmentally friendly solution but are a more affordable alternative compared to replacing the entire windows in your business.

Other than that, when you eliminate heat and glare, you improve your employees’ productivity by a huge margin. Working in areas near un-tinted windows might seem next to impossible because of the glare caused by sun rays reflecting on computer screens. But, with our solar control reflective window films that only allow 50% of light to pass through, your employees can operate comfortably anywhere within the offices and business.

Not to mention, by eliminating UV rays penetration through tinting windows, you are prolonging office furniture and merchandise. When items such as seats and desks are exposed to the sun for long, the UV rays can lead to fading. Don’t forget that UV rays have also been associated with cancer. You will therefore be safeguarding the health of your employees and clients as well.

Other benefits of commercial window tinting worth mentioning include; improvement of your business/office aesthetics, employee and customer retention due to guaranteed comfort, employee privacy, and overall return on investment.

Detailing Services

Explore the different shades in our shop ranging from limo dark to almost clear films with all the premium features that will upgrade your car’s aesthetics and block harmful UV rays. If you have been driving for a while then you can testify how sun exposure affects your driving experience. Well, this and many other problems such as lack of privacy is why car windows get tinted.

By choosing one of our quality automotive window films, you can block dangerous UV rays that increase your risk of getting skin cancer. And at the same time, prolong the look of your car’s interior by reducing excess heat caused by sun rays. As you already know, the scorching summer heat can make long road trips unbearable, forcing you to set your AC at full blast.

All this can be avoided by taking your car in for professional window tinting. Our experts will ensure that your car won’t only offer you privacy and a comfortable ride, but it will also have heads turning wherever you pass by. At San Bernardino window tint we have nearly all shades from light to dark. And if you also prefer clear films, we have also got you covered.

Home Window Tinting – Protect Your Loved Ones and Furniture from UV Damage

For starters, allow us to congratulate you for taking the time to build and beautify your home in San Bernardino. However, if you want your home to retain its stunning look, then you should have those windows tinted. Our team is always available to sit down with you and talk about the benefits of home window tinting.

Whether you are interested in a privacy window film to safeguard your home from prying eyes or want a quality film that will block UV rays, San Bernardino Window Tint is here to help. With our decorative window films, you get to enjoy cool afternoons in your San Bernardino home. Secondly, you protect your family from UV rays and also reduce glare within your home. You will be significantly reducing fading on your furniture, floors, and artwork. And most importantly, you can forget about the high power bills caused by temperature fluctuation.

​What are you waiting for? Contact us today for home window tinting, automotive window tinting, and commercial window tinting. We are always looking forward to servicing all residents, businesses, and car owners in San Bernardino.