Here at San Bernardino Window Tint, we believe that our reputation speaks for us. Through the provision of expert window tinting services and exceptional customer engagement, the business, home and car owners of San Bernardino can testify of our prowess in this industry. We are always glad when our soon-to-be clients take the time to research who we are. And on this about us page, we are going to introduce ourselves, what we do, who we serve, and why you should hire us for professional window tinting.


Rates as one of the best window tint shops in San Bernardino, we serve all residents of this beautiful city and those within a 20km radius. Our team of experts have years of experience in installing privacy film for windows. Having undergone thorough training and regular refresher courses, our installers strive to handle every job with utmost seriousness and passion. Customer satisfaction is our main objective and we will pay attention to all your requirements when installing window tint shades. You should also know that we are a licensed window covering contractor. You can confirm this when you visit our shop.


All residents and businesses in San Bernardino shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with us for professional window tinting services. As an established provider of superior window tint installation, we work with all car, home, and business owners in San Bernardino. Some of our regular clients range from auto dealerships to building & development companies in California. As a local company, our doors are open to everyone in need of window tint in San Bernardino. Whether you want to inquire about installation or have some questions, contact us, or feel free to visit our shop.

Our Values

We understand that all clients have different window tinting needs. This is why our approach focuses on the following values;

  • Total customer satisfaction.
  • Putting the interests of the customer ahead of our own.
  • Being professional in all aspects of our operation.
  • Providing all services listed.
  • Building a strong bond with all our customers.
  • Taking every job as if our survival depends on it.