Best Window Tint in San Bernardino CA

Hate it when you step into your car and feel like you are in a furnace? Well, that’s what happens when you drive around with an un-tinted car. Or, are you tired of your neighbors trying to peep into your home every time they pass by? For years, most people have thought window tint exists only to enhance your car’s/home’s or business’s privacy. This is true but there are plenty of other benefits associated with tinting your windows. Here at San Bernardino window tint, we are dedicated to installing window tint to all cars, homes and businesses in San Bernardino and its environs. For the past couple of years, thousands of San Bernardino residents have relied on our expert provision of affordable window tinting services.

Quality Guaranteed

We don’t compromise on quality and professionalism. As a local window tint company, we understand the challenges of driving around San Bernardino with an un-tinted car or running a business with ‘naked’ windows. This is why we take every installation seriously and meet our client’s expectations.

​It doesn’t matter what your window tint in San Bernardino requirements are, our professionals are here to listen to them and ensure you are driving, living, or operating in an aesthetically pleasing, cool, and comfortable car or premises. San Bernardino car window tint films are built to last and can be customized to fit every client’s needs.

What We Do

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are San Bernardino Window Tint Company and we specialize in the installation of car window films. We are licensed to operate in San Bernardino, also, if you are within a 20 km radius of our beautiful city, you can always bring your car for a sleek, high performing, and non-reflective film. Or instead, have us install window tint in your home or office.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and this is why we promise that our work will not only meet your expectations but will surpass them. We offer the following services;

Automobile Window Tint

Get your car tinted today and enjoy cool comfy drives and privacy. 

Commercial Window Tint

What better way to show professionalism in your industry other than having your windows tinted?

Ceramic Window Tint

​With this, you not only reduce glare and UV rays, but you also enhance heat rejection.

Detailing Services

Car Detailing

​Accompanied by using the best detailing products on the market, our experts will take the necessary measures to bring your tinting ideas to life.

Why Choose San Bernardino for Your Window Tinting Needs

Of course, there are other window tinting companies here in California. But, below are some of the things that distinguish us from the rest and make us the best in this industry.

1. We Operate in a Dedicated Window Tinting Environment

To ensure the tint is installed correctly and lasts longer, we operate in a dedicated window tinting environment. Doing this reduces the odds of dust or debris getting caught on the glass during installation.

2. We Use Advanced Tools

When it comes to installations, we all know that hand-cut tint is the best. However, we won’t start cutting the film in your house or car windows. Instead, we use advanced tools integrated with state of the art technology to prepare the films for installation.

3. Trained and Experienced Window Tint Installation Technicians

You may have the right tools, but without expertise, the results won’t be satisfying. Here at San Bernardino Window Tint, we take pride in having skilled technicians that will give you flawless results.

Contact Us Today for Professional Window Tint Services in San Bernardino

Are you looking for window tint services near me? San Bernardino is a phone call away. Reach us via (909) 323- 2299 for a quote or if you have any questions. We take window tinting seriously here in San Bernardino. And even if you are not sure which tint film is ideal for your car or premises, our technicians will help you make the right choice. And to top it all up, install it flawlessly for you.