San Bernardino Window Tint specializes in window film installation, ceramic tint, coating, and car interior detailing. Over the past years, we have been a fully functioning detail shop acquiring all the necessary experience to better our service delivery. We offer a variety of mobile detailing services such as spot-free hand washes, headlight restoration, flawless paint polishing, and steam cleaning. Our team of experts can also perform permanent automotive ceramic coating and precision paint correction on your vehicle. As one of the few certified car detailers in San Bernardino, you can rely on us for all your car detailing needs.


Quite often, many of our customers find it hard to distinguish between car detailing and giving your ride a thorough wash. For starters, we all wash our cars, it’s unethical to drive around with a dirty car. However, there is a big difference between car detailing and a simple wash.

Washing a car involves shampooing the body and tires, rinsing it with a pressure wash, and drying it off. The furthest you can go with a carwash is by spraying some wax and air freshener. Car detailing takes washing your car to the next level. Of course, the process will be similar to that of a regular car wash, but more attention will be paid to every detail whether it’s waxing, washing, or drying.

When it comes to car interior detailing, no spot is left untouched. Even the tiny spaces in your dashboard will be thoroughly cleaned to make your car look as good as new. Unlike a regular carwash, the experts at San Bernardino Window Tint Company will use a clay bar to remove all contaminants that may have ‘survived’ regular washes.

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If you are looking for auto detailing near me, then San Bernardino Window Tint is a local company that is dedicated to offering you this service and much more. We understand that there are different tiers to car detail. Therefore, we will offer this service depending on the level you want. If you want us to reveal a clean smooth paint job then we will use a machine polisher to remove any scratches that may have built up with time.

You can be rest assured that when we are done, your car will look better than it did when you drove it out of the dealership. After cleaning up your car, our detailers finalize by applying a quality sealant or wax. The latter process helps in extending the results that have just been achieved.

Kindly note that when detailing your car, we will remove the wheels so that we can access all hard to reach areas such as brakes and other inner components. Should there be stains on the seat, we will shampoo and clean them as well. We use special brushes that are gentle on different types of fabrics and materials.

As you can see detailing dives much deeper than car cleaning. With a team that’s passionate about upgrading car aesthetics, we will give your car the best look that it deserves. Feel free to drive into our shop for a professional touch. And if you happen to be held up, allow us to bring our services to you, no matter where you are in San Bernardino, California. By letting San Bernardino Window Tint work on your car detailing, we will remind you why you fell in love with that vehicle in the first place.