Why window tint your car?

Why window tint your car?

Why window tint your car?

Many car owners will concur that having their car windows tinted is a good decision. Why tint your car window then? Tinting is useful in reducing heat, blocking the sun’s glare, and protecting your car’s interior. However, there might be a downside to tinting your car windows. For example, when the tint is too dark, it might impede your vision, which is not good for your road safety. This article will thoroughly take you through the advantages and disadvantages of tinting and the range of car tints available to guide your choice.

Types of window tints available

Dyed window tint


This kind of tint is made up of several layers of dye that absorb heat and block sunlight. However, its protection is not like that of other types of tints. In comparison to other types, dyed tint is relatively cheap, making it suitable for you if you are on a budget. Dyed tint features an opaque characteristic that guarantees you privacy. However, this tint has to be replaced often as it fades over time. Additionally, it offers less car interior protection compared to other high-end alternatives.

Metalized window tint


Metalized window tint employs small metallic particles embedded into a film to reflect away the sun from your car windows. In addition to reducing heat in the car, reducing glare, and blocking harmful UV rays, metallic window tint strengthens the window, making it shatter-resistant.

Hybrid window tint


This tint combines metallic particles and dyes to block the sun and keep your car interior cool. Its construction is composed of a dyed layer, an adhesive layer, a metalized layer, and a top layer. These properties make this kind of tint very efficient in blocking sunlight and UV rays, as well as reducing glare. Although this alternative is a bit costly, it is worth the price.

Carbon window tint


Due to its outstanding carbon content, carbon tint blocks about 40 percent of infrared light that causes heat inside the car. This makes it very effective in protecting your car’s interior against excess sunlight that causes fading. Further, this tint has a dark matte finish that improves your car’s aesthetics and does not fade over time.

Crystalline tint


This is the best alternative for any car owner looking to protect their car against UV rays and heat without blacking out the car windows. The crystalline tint is clear and effectively protects your car against sunlight and UV rays.

Ceramic window tint


This tint is made of non-metallic and non-conductive ceramic particles. Its construction design implies that it does not interfere with GPS, cell phones or radios. It efficiently blocks UV rays and greatly reduces heat inside the car. Additionally, it reduces sun glare, is resistant to fading, and enhances resistance to window shatter. Despite being too costly, this is the best alternative.

tint car windows benefits

  • Keep your car interior cool: window tint reflects away sunlight, which reduces heat.
  • Reduces glare: window tint blocks excess light from outside that may interrupt your driving.
  • Protects your car’s interior: window tint prevents your car’s interior from damage and fading from excessive sunlight.
  • Enhances energy efficiency: window tint regulates heat that gets into the car, so you do not have to be always using your ac.
  • Secures your privacy: car tint is an incredible way to keep people from peeping into your car.
Disadvantages of window tinting
  • Tints may impede your vision: this will be dependent on how dark your tint is.
  • May attract unnecessary attention: although window tint protects your privacy, it may make your vehicle unnecessarily stand out. This should be a consideration before you tint your car windows.
  • Regulatory issues: in some places, dark window tints may be illegal. Run a background check of the state laws before tinting your car windows.

As evident, there are a lot of explanations as to why you should tint your car windows. However, there are also a few things that may discourage you from tinting your car windows. Be sure to consider all these things before having your car windows tinted. Call us at (909) 323-2299.