What is the Difference Between Cheap Tint vs Ceramic Tint

Let’s get to check the differences between the ceramic tints and the cheap tints. To start us off, one requires to understand what is ceramic window tint and what is termed as cheap tint before they seek the services of San Bernardino Window Tint company.

What Does Ceramic Tint Mean?

Ceramic tint refers to the window tints that are designed for use to give the highest UV protection and maximum heat. The San Bernardino Window Tint company specialises in these quality tints. There are differences present in the entry-level and regular window type tint. Their performance is much greater particularly as they help block the solar heat and sunlight. Averagely, the ceramic tint can block more heat two to three times compared to the regular tint. The regular tint is in other terms called the dyed regular window tint or cheap tint.

Also, the ceramic window tint is more effective and thus supports heat protection at all times. This is because it has a unique way that guides heat targets. Their design helps in the block and the target of the light which is block infrared. There are infrared blockers that are special and one that comes with film layers. The ceramic window refers to a tint which gives an ideal choice when it comes to window tinting. This way, you will have your most desired heat reduction in the car cab.

Solar Heat Comes as Infrared Light

The heat which is emitted from the sun comes as infrared light and the light that gets into the car varies from ceramic tint vs regular. Their radiation gives a total of 49.4% solar energy. This energy is visible while their light gives an account of 42.4% and 8% Ultra Violet rays.

Also, ceramic tint design gives a target to the infrared lights. As a result, there is no necessity for darkness to prevail for effectiveness to occur. A ceramic window that is clear is much more effective particularly in heat control compared to the dyed and dark regular window tint.

What Refers to Cheap Tint

In the case of a cheap tint, it implies the window tint has a lower quality. Many cheap tints cost less since they are made with ease and sold cheaply and thus brings a difference between ceramic vs regular tint. The technical term which is used to help in describing this kind of window tint is window dyed film.

Why Cheap Window Tint Turns Purple or Fades

The major reason why window tints are likely to change color after some time is because of the nature in which a given color was manufactured. As seen in the post earlier, for a window tint to be regarded as cheap, the cost involved is also cheap.

For one to reduce the cost involved in window tint production, they mix dyes in adhesive or glue. The kind of dye used differenciates ceramic window tint vs regular. Through dye addition in adhesives, there will be a great reduction in the overall cost. In this case, the window will fade faster.

What Leads to Bubbling of Window Tint

When a window has low-quality glue, the glue will fail especially when exposed to the solar for a long time. This is termed as adhesive failure and thus you need to be keen to determine on what is best for you between ceramic tint vs regular tint. When adhesives fail to hold the window tint in place, they will result in a bubbling effect.

Does Ceramic Tint Bubble or Fade Over Time?

No. The best ceramic window brand and tint are designed in a way that one may use for long periods. Their films are advanced and thus get to utilize the strong adhesives in the right manner. Besides, the window’s color stability guides in keeping its color in place from one year to the other.

Best Vehicles Ceramic Tint Shades

The selection of ideal ceramic tint shade combinations for one’s vehicle is determined by state laws, personal preference, and utility. Personal preference affects selection of ceramic window tint vs regular window tint. The ceramic tints that are darker are likely to have more privacy. In this case, there will be a limitation on the visibility levels, especially at night as you will be able to have a great observation through the windows.


The major difference between ceramic windows and cheap tints is their durability and heat protection levels. Besides, the cheap tint has a low budget. Also, the ceramic tint has a higher value in the long term to the buyer. Though the two films may look similar while new, you will find a lot of differences as time passes by. As one plans to keep a car for a long time, it is best to buy one with high-quality ceramic tints. With a cheaper ceramic tint, you will need to make replacements after short periods. If you wish to have a window tint installation, contact San Bernardino Window Tint on either (909) 323-2299 number and the website is https://sanbernardinowindowtint.com