Long exposure of car windows or home windows to the outdoor elements can do more harm than good. So, tinting and applying the XPEL clear bra on the windows on your car and home windows can go a long way in preserving them

Clear Windshield Tint Benefits

Privacy and security

We can agree that it is quite uncomfortable when people pass by you and peek at your car while inside. Hence, tinting forms a blocking mechanism that prevents anyone from seeing the inside of your car.

With clear window shields, one can easily see what is in your car, creating more opportunities for thieves to steal than tinted windows that show none of the interiors. So, with tinted windows, you have peace of mind parking your car even in public areas as you are secure.

Secures your car upholstery

The car tint plays a huge role in blocking high UV rays from accessing the interior of your car. This means that your car seats will be secure from fading since they don’t get exposed to the harsh UV rays, which is a big win!

Secures you from UV and UVB rays

Do you always have difficulties driving your car during the hot seasons or when the street lights are glaring? You need to consider tinting your car. The tint reduces the light glares, which protects you while driving. Your eyesight is intact ad your skin is also secure from the harsh UV rays.

Clear BRA For Cars

What is clear BRA?

The clear BRA is a substance in the form of a plastic sheet usually applied to the exterior parts of the car-bound to trap dirt, dust, fingerprints, and so on easily. The clear BRA is usually customized depending on the type and size of the car.

Benefits of XPEL Clear Bra


This sheet significantly saves your expenditure in the future by securing the most vulnerable parts of the car exterior against quick tear and wear.

Ease to clean

Sometimes it is quite hard to clear the exterior marking such as fingerprints and dust from the car. However, the clear BRA makes cleaning much easier and quicker.

Buying guide for the best XPEL clear BRA and car tint

The cost

Cheap is expensive, and this means that if you are looking for BRA coating to last you long and offer the services intended, be prepared to spend more. However, a good and durable XPEL clear BRA should not cost you a lot of money. Ensure it has all the necessary properties like; longevity, ease to clean, ease to apply, and warranty.

Durable with self-healing properties

Any quality coat to apply on the car exterior should be strong and durable such that even after a scratch, it easily seals back to the original look and feel. You don’t need to keep on applying the coating on the car all the time; hence, choose a coating with self-healing properties.


Any product sold with a warranty is worthwhile since it proves the product is genuine and the manufacturers are sure about its quality. However, make sure to choose a clear BRA with a warranty of not less than ten years.


Window tinting is crucial on windows for security and protection for homeowners and even the properties at large. But apart from buying quality tint and clear BRA products, you also need to invest in a professional company for quality services. So, contact us on (909) 323-2299 or visit us at San Bernardino, Ca for the best quality and budget window tint and Clear BRA applications service.