Professional Car Window Tinting

Professional Car Window Tinting

Adding car window tinting to your vehicle is an excellent way to add some style to your vehicle. It will make your car or truck look sharp. Car window tinting is also effective at blocking out those harmful UV rays. This protects not only your vehicle’s interior but also your family. Many families with children opt to have their car windows professionally tinted to protect their little ones from the bright, damaging sun. Tint also helps to reduce glare.

Do Not Try To Tint Your Own Windows

It is possible to purchase and install your own window tint but it is not recommended. DIY window tints are not as easy to install as you would think they would be. They often end up wrinkled, with air bubbles, and uneven edges. It pays off, in the long run, to just spend the money to have your windows tinted for you by a professional car window tinting company.

Beware Of Cheap Tint Jobs

It’s never a good idea to choose to use the cheapest tint job available. Some companies will offer amazing, low price tint jobs using the cheap stuff. Many vehicle owners don’t realize how many window tint percentages there are. An amateur car window tinting company will take your hard-earned money and waste it on a poor-quality tint job. Do not be fooled by exceptionally low prices. They are just meant to lure you in. A tint job should be considered an investment. When you invest in something you put that extra money towards it because you want it to last. All of our work is quality work and we do not use the cheapest tints available. Your money will be well spent on a quality tint job that will last as long as your vehicle does.

State Laws Regarding Window Tinting

There are many reasons why you may want to have your vehicle’s windows tinted. There are just as many different types of window tints available. Each state has different laws regarding how dark your window tint can be. When you bring your vehicle to us for your tint job we will advise you what the laws are for your area. We will help you to select a tint and shade that will be dark enough for your needs, but not so dark it breaks the law. Not all companies will do this for you.

Compare Several Companies

If you want to have your vehicle’s windows tinted it is incredibly important to compare several companies before choosing the one you will use. Not all companies specialize in tinting windows like we do. Many companies just offer the service and the end result is a sloppy, messy, tint job that looks horrible, or worse, is illegal. We take great pride in our ability to professionally install window tint. Our results are spectacular and our customers always leave satisfied.

Who We Are

We sound so knowledgeable because we are. We are a team of professional car window tinting installers. Here at San Bernardino Window Tint we know all there is to know about installing car window tint because it’s what we specialize in. We offer quality car window tinting jobs at prices you can afford. Our window tint jobs last as they are installed the right way using only quality materials. Visit our website at for more information, or call us at 909-323-2299. We can answer any questions you may have. We would love to give you a free quote! We have many options available to choose from. We’ll help you find a perfect, legal, match to fit your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!