Installation of Ceramic Window Tint in a Residence

Installation of Ceramic Window Tint in a Residence

Ceramic window tint was installed by San Bernardino Window Tint on a residence in San Bernardino, California. This customer, like many others we encounter, wanted to minimize heat and preserve their furniture from fading due to the sun. The home’s owner has recently completed a comprehensive renovation. They have new windows, paint, and furnishings that are all stunning. While the homeowner’s main worries were sun fading and heat, they also didn’t want to lose their backyard vistas or natural light. They wanted to keep the views, so they put windows throughout the house. The homeowner had a friend who had previously utilized San Bernardino Window Tint for similar issues and was quite pleased with the outcomes of the treatment. San Bernardino Window Tint was contacted by this homeowner to learn more about the possibility of placing window film in their home.

Ceramic Window Tint's Advantages

Our sales representative immediately thought of ceramic window tint when he spoke with the customer and discovered that they wanted to minimize heat without sacrificing their views. If you’ve read any of our previous case studies, you’re probably aware of the term ceramic window tint. Ceramic window tint is a form of film that reduces heat and glare by a significant amount. The buyer became highly interested after learning more about ceramic window tint. Our sales professional demonstrated numerous ceramic window tint samples to the buyer. Huper Ceramic 40 was chosen by the customer. This ceramic window tint decreases glare by 53% and heat by 55%. This will result in a noticeable variation in temperature around the house and may even help you save money on your electric bill. Ceramic window tint blocks 99 percent of damaging UVA and UVB radiation. UV rays are the primary cause of sun fading. We ended up putting window film to every window in the house, but I chose this after photo of the installation because it perfectly captures the customer’s vision. The new furniture is immediately beneath the window, and you can see how the previous window film was utterly prone to sun fading. You can still see directly into their lovely garden and all of their lush flora. Their furnishings will be sheltered from the sun, the heat and glare in their home will be decreased, and all of their lovely vistas will be preserved. Ceramic window tint, like all other window film, may be readily removed without causing damage to the glass if the consumer decides they no longer want it. Needless to say, the customer was really pleased with the installation’s outcome. San Bernardino Window Tint also offers ornamental window film, personalized graphics, anti-graffiti film, security window film, and exterior building wraps in addition to ceramic window tinting. Contact San Bernardino Window Tint today for a free quotation on ceramic window tint for your home or workplace!

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Ceramic window tint is a type of solar film that decreases heat, glare, and harmful ultraviolet rays while remaining undetectable to the naked eye! For a free estimate, contact San Bernardino Window Tint now! Call us at: (909) 323-2299.