Car window tinting brands

Car window tinting brands

Interested in learning more about car window tinting? Learn about the top three brands of car wraps and learn about the benefits of each. Dark windows have many benefits for your car. It can block harmful UV rays, keeping your home healthy. Window tinting can also improve your car’s safety and keep the interior cool. One of the leading brands in the industry is LLumar. However, not all LLumar networks are the same. So, to help you get the best car window tint, we’re going to take a look at the top 3 brands of car window films. Let’s jump right in!

1. LLumar CTX series

Just below the LLumar “RX” series is the CTX, which shares many similarities with the “RX”. Its most notable similarity is its ability to block 99% of UV rays from entering your car. LLumar CTX provides added security to your window structure by protecting you from potential injury from broken glass. If you’re worried about someone breaking your car windows at night, these shades will help prevent that. Tinted CTX windows can reduce the annoying glare you get while driving in the late afternoon or early morning. If you’re tired of being stuck in rush hour traffic with strong glare, this color can solve that problem for you. The CTX Series makes it easy to style your vehicle with a range of solid charcoal shades. This range includes colors from darker limousines to more subtle shades of grey. Like the “RX”, there are no metal components in the construction of this series. For this reason, the signal can work without interruption. However, it also prevents your windows from looking mirror. Instead of that reflective look, you can drive comfortably with tinted windows that enhance your privacy. Find a window tint service today that can install that color on your car!

2. Llumar RX

LLumar ‘RX is one of the flagship series of this popular coloring brand. Provides 99% UV rays to help keep your car cool even in the hottest conditions. This UV protection protects the interior of your vehicle. As heat escapes and lingers inside your car, it can damage your seats and other components prematurely. Some materials, such as leather, may become particularly vulnerable to these threats. So, how do RX tinted windows handle outside heat? They can do it with their advanced nano-ceramic design. This has many advantages such as offering reinforcement for your window. Because it’s non-metal, it won’t interfere with your Bluetooth connection, a cellular connection, or music streaming either. However, nanoceramics are mainly focused on combating infrared and ultraviolet rays. Its unique material and non-conductive nature make it effective in cooling your vehicle.


The “RX Series” has several other premium features, including:

• Simple electronic contact

• Confidential secret

• Glare reduction

3. LLumar Air Clear film

AIR Clear automotive window film is the most unique of the three in this group. While RX and CTX films contain charcoal-based dyes, this film takes a different approach. AIR clear window film mainly improves the performance of factory automotive glass. The same nanoceramic structure as the other series in this article provides many of the same benefits. However, the obvious benefit is that you don’t get dark-tinted windows. If you like the way your car looks but want better cooling, this film is for you. AIR window films are almost impossible to see. However, it still offers excellent heat dissipation performance. Like other series, it protects against 99% of UV rays. It strengthens your windows, which helps prevent the glass from breaking. This effect helps keep you and your passengers safe on the road and protects your windows while you are away from the car.


These three products represent the best car window tinting options on the market. Some of them offer kits that allow you to apply the paint yourself. However, if you are not an expert in this matter, this may lead to results that you will not like. Instead, consider using us for window tinting! We offer premium tinted windows for most makes and models of vehicles. Contact us through (909) 323-2299 at San Bernardino Window Tint to find out how we can help you!