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Auto Detailing Supplies and Tools

Auto Detailing Supplies and Tools

The start point of having a good detailing job is getting the right kit. This article gives you a complete list of auto detailing supplies and equipment’s that you require to make your job perfect. Whichever task you want to accomplish be it car wash soap, a glass-like wax, microfiber towel anything related we got you covered.


Car Wash Soap Washing is the first step in any detailing job. There are different soaps available dependent on the type of wash. The ideal car shampoos should have a bit higher pH of 7.1-8 which equates to moderate alkaline. This is very important for breaking down dust, tar, organic dirt and is also good on the clear coat. Products that have excess acidic or alkaline pH scale are the best in cleaning even though they can easily damage plastics, strip waxes, or paint sealants.


pH-Balanced Car Soap

This is the safest soap that one can use. They have low impact hence require more labor to get the vehicle clean. They do not damage the paint and other components.


Decontamination car soap

It is very suitable especially if you are using a ceramic coating, paint sealant, or paint protection film since it sterilizes the coat of all contamination. If you are maintaining your vehicle then you should use it regularly. The soap is easily dissolved which helps in cleaning the stuck tar, brake dust, tree sap, and bird also removes other pollution which cannot be cleaned by regular soaps.


Car wash tools and equipment

The outcome of any job is determined by the type of tools used. Having the right tools is key if you want to achieve the best result.

There are many available tools you can use to wash your car such as:


Wash mitt or Sponge

Using a wash mitt or a sponge is a simple way to hand wash your vehicle .you can scrub the surface without leaving scratches or destroying the is very affordable and the sponge can be reused.


Microfiber Towel

The use of microfiber towels revolutionized the detailing industry. They are versatile, that is, they can be used for anything including washing, wiping, drying, polishing, applying, and removing sealants and coatings. They are paint-friendly, soft, very strong in absorbing water and trapping dirt away from the contact area. Microfiber towels should be thoroughly cleaned after use and kept in a clean place.


Car Brushes

They are used to wash wheels, grilles, and intricate interiors. Brushes come in different sizes and shapes. Auto detailing brushes comes with extra soft bristles that are friendly to the painted surfaces. Brushes are the last option you should use to wash your body panels. This is because they leave swirl marks and scratches destroying the paints.


Buckets (+ Grit guards) and Garden hose

This method is mostly used by professionals because of its safety and effectiveness. It involves using two buckets, one filled with water and the other with car soap mix. Grit guards are used to trapping dirt at the bottom reducing the chances of bringing hard bits dark back on the paint.


Foam cannon and pressure washer

This is the most enjoyable and popular equipment used to wash a car. It is simple to use and fast. A foam cannon attachment for your pressure washer carpets your car in a thick layer of soapy water. The foam penetrates every part of your vehicle loosening the dirt and all surface contaminants.


Blower and shop vacuum

While microfiber is suitable for hand washing,a dual-action vacuum machine helps you dry the exterior in just a few minutes


Hybrid wax and sealer

hybrid wax and sealer protects the surface from contamination, making the panels sleek and slippery.


Battery Drill and polishing attachments

This is the best to use when polishing wheels,headlights and other places which ae trim.When used in body panels,it can leave scratches and swirls in the finish.



If you want your vehicle to shine and always be in a perfect condition then you must put into consideration these equipments. Our auto detailing supplies will help differentiate between the good and bad in your detailing.